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Thank you, Forbes, for naming us one of America’s Top Recruiting Firms

Posted on June 8, 2017 in Awards Recruiting

Recently, we were very pleasantly surprised to discover that Forbes named 4 Corner to their list of the Top 250 Recruiting Firms in America.

It’s a surprisingly well-kept secret that many of the “awards” out there are actually pay-for-play. It often takes paying a large “application fee” or commitment of significant advertising dollars to be named to a list or receive recognition by a popular publication.  Even worse, the numbers are almost always self-reported, which leads to…well… let’s just say occasionally overstated numbers and results.

But not this one!

We didn’t see this coming (nor did we even realize such a list existed), but we are thrilled to receive the recognition.  We would very much like too thank the individuals who rated us among the best in the business, and we’ll continue working to prove that we’re worthy of your vote!