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Fun Times at the Corporate 5K

Posted on April 27, 2017 in Events Networking Social


On this sunny Thursday we figured we would share a picture of our Orlando team before running this year’s Corporate 5k.  It’s become one of our company’s favorite traditions over the years.  We love being able to meet and mingle with our fellow Orlando peers (Orlandoans?) in a great environment. Even though some of us <cough> ran harder than others <cough>, everyone managed to partake in the post-race eating & drinking opportunities.  After all, even if running races isn’t your thing, the temptation of a free beer can be pretty convincing.

You only have one chance to resign the right way

Posted on April 27, 2017 in Recruiting

We get it.  Believe me, we do.  All day, every day, we speak with prospective candidates and current contractors about their likes and dislikes.  We know that many of you aren’t in an ideal situation, and we are eager to help facilitate your next great career move.  Of course we are – it’s what we do!


When the time comes to leave your current employer, please remember to always do it the right way.  Give proper notice.  Offer to help with the transition, and then actually do it.  Exit with grace, and express gratitude to your soon-to-be former employer.   The manner in which you resign will leave a lasting impression, so be sure to make it a positive one.

Remember – it’s a big world, but it’s a round one, too.


The BUSINESS behind our blog

Posted on April 13, 2017 in Networking

We’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and the time for less talk and more action has finally arrived! Today is the day for the first official post of the 4 Corner blog.  We aren’t entirely sure where it will lead, but we’re looking forward to sharing our thoughts and insight in a couple of areas:  The local employment market, trends and changes in the staffing industry, and how to work with recruiters (just to name a few).

We’re also planning to provide a behind-the-scenes view into what life is like at 4 Corner Resources.   It’s mostly just work, but we find time to play too.  Thank you for reading & feel free to offer feedback along the way!